Who is DillweedDillweed is our favorite ludovicianus rodentia - prairie dog.  Our goal at DILLWEED.COM is to provide easy access to the online eCommerce resources needed by everybody.   Everyone has to travel, buy electronic gadgets, music, books, software, etc., read novels unrelated to work or school, watch cool movies, find interesting newspapers, refine their tastes in the world's best museums, search the Internet, get a boring job, take care of their prairie dogs - the basic staples of life.   Dillweed answers all these needs.  

Looking for the meaning of life?   This is the place.  We'd tell you all about it but there is that nagging problem of ceasing to be at the moment of becoming.  You can read Process and Reality for more details but suffice to say, if you stay here: You will find the answers <distractions> you are looking for! 

There, I've gotten past my vision statement, I feel much better. 

Speaking of feeling better, now is the perfect time to book a flight to Cancun for a break from the ol' grind.  Click on our airplane icon and you will be connected to the best travel site on the Internet.  Flying make you a bit queasy?  Don't worry.  You can visit our bookstore and have the world's great literature <The Lost Partridge Family Episodes, Part II> delivered to your door.  Want more? No problemo, Quasimodo!   Click on 'Telephone'  and make Internet telephone calls to that fourth grade teacher who wrote that scathing review of your "Tactile Responses to Talcum and Lint." 

Oh, well.  Dillweed will always talk to you.  Dillweed talks to us.

Who are we?  Don't really know. It's that being and becoming thing again.  Mostly, we are Rick and Paige and a talking prairie dog named Dillweed.  Rick hears Dillweed talking to him all the time.    Rick tells Paige a rodent is talking to him; she doesn't buy it.  She thinks he needs to get a more interesting job.  He has a more interesting job - taking care of Dillweed.  The saga continues...  Help support Dillweed before the situation deteriorates further - make all your online purchases through us.


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